Westward School

Missing Child Policy

This policy covers the Main school, EYFS and the Westward Out of School Care facilities



* Formal registration is taken in the morning at 8.55am and then again at 1.30pm in the afternoon.

(Refer to the Attendance Policy)

* Pupils that leave during school hours are signed out by a member of staff or parent/carer in the signing in/out book by the front door.

(Refer to the Arrival, Dismissal and Collection of Children Policy)

* Registers are also taken in the Out of School Care facilities and After School clubs.

* The staff maintain the appropriate high level of supervision throughout the day and are aware of the location of the children in their care at all times.

When on excursions outside the school premises, staff implement strategies to maximise safety and security of children in accordance with the School's Health and Safety Policy.


Missing Child

In the unlikely event that it is suspected that a child has gone missing, the following procedure will be followed:


* Staff will maintain the safety and well being of other children.

* A roll call will be taken.

* The Headteacher will be informed or in their absence the Deputy Head.

* A member of the Senior Management Team and at least one other member of staff will search the immediate vicinity.

* If the child is not found after approximately 10 minutes, the school will contact the parents and then the Police.

* Once the Police arrive all relevant information about the child will be given. The Police will then take over the search.

* If off-site, one teacher will remain with the group of children whilst the other teacher will search the immediate vicinity for the missing child. Help will be requested of the venue where the group is present at. If the child is not located within 5 minutes, parents then Police will be notified.

* When the child is found a full investigation will take place, which the Headteacher will chair. A Risk Assessment will be carried out and any recommendations made by the investigation team will then be implemented into school policy.

(Refer to Risk Assessment Policy for Pupil Welfare)


Last Updated

August 2017