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At Westward the children have as many opportunities as possible to be outside in the fresh air everyday. Staff are keen to support the children in the outside area and use the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum guidance (EYFS) to identify and plan for children’s learning. Children are able to be active and keep healthy, enjoying a range of play based activities, both adult led and child initiated.

The staff at Westward have a positive view of the outside area and ensure that the area is used in all weathers.



See Staff Rota



  • Check equipment for any animal faeces and wash if required

  • Carry out safety checks. Tick on risk assessment sheet every morning and afternoon to show that safety checks have been carried out.

  • Ensure the side gate is locked.

  • Hang up first aid bag and put out ice bucket

  • Children can go to the water fountain with an adult keeping an eye.

  • Set up activities – Follow the map on display on the shed door – some areas may move daily depending on the activity such as the water area, builder’s tray or quiet area..

  • Remember to keep all fire exits clear


Ensure children are dressed appropriately for outdoor play.

Coats, hats and gloves must be worn if inclement weather.



Staff  to carry out the adult directed activities as outlined on the weekly planner and to engage and play with the children ensuring correct adult/child ratios are maintained.


Children have easy access to the shed for large equipment boxes e.g. train set, kidnex, motor control train, picnic set, large cones etc. They can also choose activities from the outside boxes and follow their own interests.


At the end of each session make sure the activities are tidied up and ready for the next group to use.





A designated member of staff must make sure the following equipment is covered up at the end of the day:

  • Sand tray

  • Cars

  • On going role play sand/water area

  • Equipment boxes


It is useful to have the last group of children of the day to help put away some of the equipment in the last 5 minutes of the session. This develops good independence skills.


Ensure all equipment is stored back in its correct place.


All areas are clearly marked to identify where things are to be put back.



If wet, set up of activities will be restricted to the covered area of the outside area.



Both the School playground and the Early Years Outside Area are bounded by secure fences. Nursery pupils are not allowed to leave the sites unless supervised by a responsible staff member.

Reception pupils can free flow between the outside area and indoors but must inform an adult about where they are going.


Nursery are supervised during lunchtime by Early Years staff.

Reception go into the big playground at lunchtime and are supervised by the lunchtime supervisor team.


Any incident that results in injury in the play areas must be reported and noted in the accident book and a Nursery or Reception accident form filled out. Forms are located in the Early Years rooms and also on Outside Area Notice Board and the First Aid box in the main playground.


A First Aid box and ice bucket is located in the outside area.


All bumps to the head must be reported and a slip written out saying “I’ve had a slight bang to the head today” for the child to take home. The child must also be given a “I have bumped my head” sticker.

Injuries are reported to parents verbally via the accident form which they have to sign or via the home message book at the end of the day if a parent is not collecting their child.


An intercom phone must be carried by a member of staff in the outdoor area at all times so they can contact inside if an emergency arises.



Teachers are responsible for the safe erection and use of apparatus.


Each member of staff should check the safety of apparatus before children use it, e.g., ensuring climbing equipment is correctly anchored and secure, ensuring benches are used the correct way up, they must not be turned over as balancing beams.


Always report any faulty or damaged equipment to the office and make sure all members of staff are made aware. Remove or secure if possible and await repair before using again.


Each member of staff is responsible for safe behaviour on the part of pupils. They should wear appropriate clothing and footwear and should ensure pupils do likewise.

All P.E. tops should be securely tucked into shorts.

Pay particular attention to jewellery and footwear.


Children should be trained to carry mats and equipment properly. They should not be allowed to move equipment that is too heavy for them.


Last Reviewed: November 2016

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