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Download this useful guide to help your child settle into school life (141KB PDF)



The first bell rings at 8.45a.m. There is a staff member on duty at the Middle Gate and in the playground from 8.30a.m.

Reception children may enter the classroom from 8.30a.m. if they wish and the children are collected from the Middle Gate at 3.15p.m.


Lunch at 12.15 - 1.15p.m.


Telephone messages left on the answer phone are listened to at regular intervals during the day.


Children are provided daily with a drink of milk or water and a portion of fruit in the Early Years snack area.

We ask parents for a small donation of fruit or vegetables each week.

Any problems concerning School lunches should be discussed with the Brookwood Head Chef.


No jewellery or watches are permitted. No money or valuables should be brought to School. If it is unavoidable then such items should be given to a member of the Early Years staff for safe keeping. Sweets and toys should not be brought to School.



If medicine needs to be given during the day it should be handed to Mrs James with clear instructions written on the Medicine Authorisation Form obtainable from the office. Please do not ask for any aspirin based products to be given.



Parents are asked to look at the “Home Message Book” daily. All messages must be signed. Parents may use the book to write any messages to the teacher. Please write messages at the front of the book.

At the back of the book parents are asked to write contact numbers, work numbers etc. so that we will be able to get in touch in case of illness or emergency.



Arrangements for collection of children should be noted with telephone numbers. The Early Years staff should be informed of any changes in rotas or if a child is to go home with someone else. Nannies, au pairs etc should be introduced to the class teacher.

We will not allow children to leave School with people we do not know.


Please do not park on the zig-zag lines or obstruct neighbours’ driveways.



All clothing and belongings should be clearly marked with the child’s name.

This includes shoes and plimsolls. Plimsolls should be black elasticated or Velcro. A complete change of clothing should be named and kept in your child’s shoe bag – especially pants and socks.

All children should also have the School regulation long-sleeved painting overall and School book bag. All uniform is available from Unismart Ltd, 5 Oakdene Parade, Cobham, KT11 2LR (01932 868233).

Shoe bags, which are left in School, can be purchased from Mrs James.



Particular care should be taken with reading books and text books which are brought home. School books are often printed in rather short runs and quickly go out of print. Sometimes this means that when one or two books are lost a whole class set becomes unusable. In the event of a mislaid book a donation of £5 will be requested to purchase a replacement copy. Children should put their books straight back in their School bags as soon as they have finished their homework.



Homework is set according to age and year group. A time will be indicated for each piece of work; this is intended as a guideline. Homework is generally easier than classwork and should ideally be the child's unaided effort. If a child needs a much longer time to complete the work or experiences difficulty the teacher should be informed via the home message book.



These are generally sent to parents at the end of the Autumn and Summer terms and there is a Parents' Evening in the Easter term. However parents should not wait for an official Parents' Evening if they or their child have a problem. Teachers are happy to see parents before or after School whenever the need arises. There will be an opportunity to informally meet the teachers during the first half of the Autumn term in Lower School.



This is firm but not rigid. Good manners are expected at all times. Discipline problems would be discussed with a parent at an early stage.



Book bags can be purchased from Unismart in Cobham and must be brought to School every day to ensure the safe receipt and transition of home message books, newsletters, letters, library books, reading books and homework between home and School. Sometimes the children like to attach charms to their book bags so they are easily identifiable, please only allow one per bag.



Profile results in the seven areas of learning will be shared with parents at the end of the Summer term before they go into Year 1.

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