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Exclusions Policy

Westward School


This policy applies to the Main School, EYFS and Westward Out of School Care Facilities


As a School we feel it is important to promote a caring and supportive environment to enable all members of the School community to feel secure, respected and therefore promote good behaviour in others.


The development of personal qualities, social skills and the fostering of socially acceptable behaviour are an integral aspect of the School curriculum.


Exclusion is an extreme sanction and is only administered by the Headteacher (or, in the absence of the Head, her deputy Mrs J. Williams).


Exclusions, whether fixed term or permanent may be used for any of the following, all which constitute examples of unacceptable conduct, and are infringements of the School’s Behaviour Policy;


  • Long term misbehaviour is not responding to the strategies and the safety and learning of others is being seriously hindered.
  • An incident of extreme seriousness has occurred and all parties need a short period to consider the best course of action.
  • Offensive and abusive language to staff/pupils and others
  • Physical abuse to/attack on staff/pupils and others
  • Indecent behaviour
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Serious actual or threatened violence against another pupil or a member of staff
  • Carrying an offensive weapon
  • Arson
  • Persistent bullying


This is not an exhaustive list and there may be other situations where the Headteacher makes the judgement that exclusion is an appropriate sanction.




  • Most exclusions are of a fixed term nature and are of short duration (usually between one to three days).
  • Following a decision to exclude the parents will be contacted immediately where possible. They will be informed of the decision and any evidence explained.
  •  A letter of confirmation will be sent on the same day by first-class post outlining the reasons for the decision, the date upon which the pupil will be allowed back into School and the procedures of appeal which are open to parents.
  • Where removal is required, parents have the right to request a review of the decision by an independent panel. The pupil will remain away from the School pending the outcome of such a review.
  • A return to School meeting will be held following the expiry of the fixed term exclusion and this will involve a member of staff where appropriate.
  • During the course of a fixed term exclusion where the pupil is to be at home, parents are advised that the pupil is not allowed on the School premises, and that daytime supervision is their responsibility, as parents/guardians. Work will be set for the pupil to complete at home during a fixed-period exclusion.




The decision to exclude a pupil permanently is a serious one. There are two main types of situation in which permanent exclusion may be considered.


  1. The first is a final, formal step in a concerted process for dealing with disciplinary offences following the use of a wide range of other strategies, which have been used without success. It is an acknowledgement that all available strategies have been exhausted and is used as a last resort. This would include persistent and defiant misbehaviour including bullying (which would include racist and homophobic bullying).
  2. The second is where there are exceptional circumstances and it is not appropriate to implement other strategies and where it could be appropriate to permanently exclude a pupil for a first ‘one off’ offence. These might include:


  • Serious actual or threatened violence against another pupil or member of staff
  • Sexual abuse or assault
  • Supplying an illegal drug
  • Carrying an offensive weapon
  • Arson


The School will consider police involvement for any of the above offences.


  • The parents will be informed of the decision and the reasons for it. The evidence leading up to the decision will be explained.
  • A letter of confirmation will be sent on the same day by first-class post outlining the reasons for the decision and the procedure for appeal which are open to parents.
  • The Headteacher will act with procedural fairness in all such cases, and will have regard to the interests of the pupil and parents as those of the School.
  • Where removal is required, parents have the right to request a review of the decision by an independent panel.
  • The pupil will remain away from the School pending the outcome of such a review.


These instances are not exhaustive but indicate the severity of such offences and the fact that such behaviour seriously affects the discipline and well being of the School.


General factors the School considers before making a decision to exclude include;

  • Exclusion will not be imposed instantly unless there is an immediate threat to the safety of others in the School or the pupil concerned.
  • Before deciding whether to exclude a pupil either permanently or for a fixed term the Headteacher will;


Ensure appropriate investigations have been carried out.

Consider all the evidence available to support the allegations taking into account relevant School policies.

Allow the pupil to give her/his version of events.

Check whether the incident may have been provoked for example by bullying or by racial or sexual harassment.


The threat of a permanent exclusion will never be used as a means to coerce parents to move their child to another school.


If the Headteacher is satisfied that on balance of probabilities the pupil did what he or she is alleged to have done, exclusion will be the outcome.


Pupils whose behaviour at lunchtime is disruptive may be excluded from the School premises for the duration of the lunchtime period. This will be treated as a fixed term exclusion and parents will have the right to gain information and appeal.


Pupils' behaviour outside School, for example School trips and journeys, away School sports fixtures is subject to the School’s Behaviour Policy. Bad behaviour in these circumstances will be dealt with as if it had taken place in School. If a pupil’s behaviour in the immediate vicinity of the School or on a journey to and from School is poor and meets the School criteria for exclusion then the Headteacher may decide to exclude.


The School will keep a record of exclusions. The record should contain;

  • Date when exclusion took place
  • Name of parent and pupil
  • Brief statement of issues
  • Staff members involved
  • Brief statement of outcome of any appeal and follow up.



Policy Reviewed: November 2016

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