Westward School

Diane Cooke Poem - Goodbye Westward



I’ve taught for over fifty years 

In an interesting range of schools.

Some have had theatres, science labs and lakes

Woodlands and swimming pools.

But there’s something special about Westward

That makes it top of the league.

It’s the listening, the caring, supporting and sharing,

The determination to succeed! 


I’ve loved the creativity here

Pens and paper, paints and glue.

I’ve watched you create incredible things

Enjoying the things you do.

You’ve written amazing stories

That entertain me for hours.

It’s so rewarding to watch children write 

And develop their verbal powers.

In return for your many efforts

I have to do my bit too.

You’ve written wonderful poems for me

This is my contribution for you.


When I think about pupils at Westward

I see children with character and strength.

I see children who care, children who think,

Children with good intent.

You’re ace at raising money

And helping those in need.

You give your all in drama and sport

And strive till you succeed!

You speak out clearly with confidence

And present yourselves so well.

Each one of you will find a role

In which you can excel.


When I think about staff at Westward

A few “F” words spring to mind.

They’re Fair-minded and Fun to be with 

And do Favours at any time.

They can be Fussy with your class-work 

And Fearsome if you’re bad,

But they’ll always be Forgiving 

And Feel for you when you’re sad.


Now a word about your head-teacher,

Just where should I begin?

She gets staff to work supportively, 

That’s how so much gets done.

Mrs Stevenson is an amazing head

Who nurtures talents and strengths.

To give each child the best start in life

She’ll go to any lengths.

She can always be relied upon 

To listen and to be fair.

Though she’s strict about behaviour,

Uniform, language and hair.

She’s there when you’ve got a problem,

She’s there if you’re feeling sad,

She’ll stand by you in a crisis

Even when you’ve done something bad.

She’s not only helpful to children

She’s there for all the staff too,

Whether they work in the kitchen or classroom

.She’ll support them whatever they do.


This is a strange and sudden ending

To my time spent in front of a class.

I have really enjoyed my twelve years with you

Filled with memories that will last.

Life is an amazing adventure

With new things to see and explore

So be brave and open-minded 

When you come to the next open door. 

So farewell to all at Westward.

I’ve loved my time spent with you.

I wish you the very best in life

Filled with friendships supportive and true.

Diane Cooke                        Summer Term 2020

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