Westward School

Charity Stalls for Water Aid

On Tuesday 22 August the former Year 4 girls organised a charity sale during the summer holidays outside the school.


The girls spoke to members of the passing public persuading them to come and part with their money. They spoke confidently about the charity that they were raising funds for and their selling technique, team work, organisation skills and communication all improved during the course of the sale.


Altogether they raised a very commendable £80.00 for Water Aid.


“We were insanely excited for the upcoming event. Our first try at selling was a bit disappointing when nobody would listen to us, but we kept trying as a team. Gradually people started to consider coming to the sale. Inaaya sold slime, Daya sold toys, Elina sold cupcakes, Holly sold Pug ipad holders and we all sold books.”

Inaaya, Holly, Day and Elina


The girls were congratulated in assembly and presented with special Westward rosettes to acknowledge their fantastic idea and service to the community. We are all very proud of the girls efforts and I am sure Water Aid will also really appreciate all their hard work.