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Year 4 Chertsey Museum - The Tudors

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The Year 4 class had a most informative workshop with Chertsey Museum learning about the Tudors. There was lots of fun and learning going on. Thank you Chertsey Museum.

Year 6 Chertsey Museum - WW2

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Year 6 were very excited to be able to learn more about World War 2 with the teacher from Chertsey Museum. Having only had one lesson in class to date, Emily was most impressed with the children’s knowledge.

Farewell to the Leavers

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We had an absolutely wonderful morning with the Year 6 leavers. The staff were entertained by the children’s singing, musical recitals, magic, dancing and prize giving.

Year 1 & 2 Concert

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On Wednesday we had the Year 1 & 2 Concert. Year 1 thrilled the audience with their play on as did the Year 2’s who took us on a journey to Ancient Egypt. Well done to both classes for such a lovely concert.

World Book Day Assembly

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On Friday 6 March books came alive at Westward, with the children dressed up as book characters. It was really great to see all the different costumes. Well done everyone.

Kids With Bricks (Lego Club)

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Our first full Kids With Bricks session was enjoyed by all who attended.

Year 2 Seaside Workshop

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The Year 2 class was visited by Chertsey Museum last week to talk about the seaside. They had a lot of fun learning about and dressing up for the seaside. A very worthwhile workshop.

ISA Tag Rugby

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The Tag Rugby team travelled to The Mead School to take part in the annual ISA Tag Rugby Tournament. The team acquitted themselves well and did themselves proud.

Year 5 & 6 Mixed Hockey v Staines Prep

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The last day of January saw the Year 5 & 6 Mixed Hockey teams travel to Staines Prep. The rain held off and the teams aquitted themselves well, with the 'B' team drawing 0 - 0 and the 'A' team winning 6 - 1. Well done to the teams.

Year 1 & 2 trip to Haslemere Museum

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On Thursday 30th January the Year 1 & 2 classes travelled to Haslemere Museum for a very exciting visit. The Year 1's were looking at colours in nature and the Year 2's had fun learning about The Egyptians. The highlight of the Year 2 visit was mummyfying their dolls.

Year 6 Chertsey Museum - The Victorians

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The Year 6 class was visited by Chertsey Museum on Tuesday 28 January. The class learned all about the Victorians, dressed up in clothes of the era and played with Victorian toys. They should be ready for their trip to the Victorian classroom in the near future.

Year 6 Pizza Express Visit

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The Year 6 class visited the Walton Pizza Express recently after their exams. They had great fun making their pizzas and really enjoyed eating them.

Christmas Service

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We had a wonderful Christmas Service in St Andrew's Church, with the children taking us on a journey around the world, showing us how other countries celebrate Christmas. Well done everyone!

Miller's Ark

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The school were treated to a fantastic morning cuddling, touching and enjoying the lovely animals. There were pigs, goats, donkeys, ducks, geese, chickens and a lovely cuddly rabbit.

Year 6 - Chertsey Museum trip

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The Year 6 class travelled to Chertsey Museum, all dressed like evacuees, to learn about the Second World War. They had a most productive day making gas masks, dressing up and generally learning about the hardships faced by all during the war.

Walton Festival of Light

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On Saturday 23rd November the choir performed at the Walton Festival of Light. The all sang really well and entertained the parents and other onlookers. Well done to the choir for doing so well.

The Power of One

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On Monday morning the school was treated to a very good play, 'The Power of One' to emphasise the Anti Bullying Week at school. The children really enjoyed the show and learned a lot.

Harvest Festival Assembly

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The Year 4 class led a very good moving Harvest Assembly. The donations for the Hersham & Walton Food Bank were overwhelming and the tables wre full to bursting. Thank you all for your generosity.

Lego Sports City Workshop

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The school was treated to a special day building a Sports City from Lego. All the children worked very well together and developed a wonderful Sports City. Thank you to all concerned for an exciting, creative day.

ISA East Triathlon

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Twelve boys and girls travelled to Hutton Manor to take part in the annual East Triathlon. The going was tough after the rain, but both teams put in excelent performances - the girls managed to come second and the boys twelfth. Katie was pipped, by a whisker, into second place in the girls' event.

The WonderDome

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On Wednesday 2nd October, Early Years, Years 1, 2 and 3 were treated to a session in the Wonder Dome Planetarium. This gave the children a wonderful insight into Space, the planets and the Milky Way.

Year 6 Posts of Responsibilty

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At a special assembly the Year 6 children received their badges of office. All of them were really proud. Well done to them all!

Visiting Author

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On Tuesday 24 September, Sarah Holding, the author of the SeaBEAN trilogy, visited the school. The Years 5 & 6 had a most instructive Creative Writing workshop with her. Some of the children bought her books and received a signed copy. A most productive morning.

Year 6 Posts of Responsibilty

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Democracy at work. The Year 6's presented their talks to the school about the positions they want to hold this year. There were some excellent speeches (budding politicians). The school then exercised their rights by voting for the children they wanted to fill the posts of responibility. A really worthwhile lesson for everyone.

Year 6 World War 2 Workshop

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Chertsey Museum visited the school recently to run a World War 2 workshop with the Year 6 class. The class were treated to a thoroughly informative and interesting workshop and they learned a lot about the war.

The Twits - Year 6 Play

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The Year 6 class pulled out all the stops to thoroughly entertain the school and their parents with their rendition of The Twits. One child remarked that it was the best Year 6 play they had seen. Well done Year 6!

Mission Moon - Robotics

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The Year 5 Robotics Club were tasked with designing a Moon Base as part of their Robotics Club. The boys put a tremendous amount of work into their projects and produced good work. They displayed the final results to the school and to their parents. They even had some pirates looking for treasure on the Moon.

ISA National Athletics

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Four young ladies represented London South at the ISA National Athletics Championship recently. It was a long day, but that didn't deter the girls. They acquitted themselves well and should be proud of their achievements.

ISA Kwik Cricket

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The u9 boys took part in the ISA Kwik Cricket at Beckenham Sports Club recently. They had a lot of fun and learned a lot about the game. A day well spent.

Year 6 Stalls

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What a fun day! The Year 6 class put together a really good stalls event on Friday 28 June. There was something for everyone to do, the cakes were delicious and the organisation slick. Thank you to Mrs Williams and Year 6 and to all the generous parents.

Year 1 & 2 Painshill Park Trip

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The Year 1 & 2 classes had a very enjoyable trip to Painshill Park on Thursday 20 June. They learned how to make a fire and a host of other exciting things.

The Stone Age

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After the visit to the school by Chertsey Museum, the Year 2 class had a project on the Stone Age. They could do anything related to what they had learned. Ther ewere an array of weapons, jwellery and hoses. The class presented their projects to the school in assembly.

Year 5 & 6 PGL Trip

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The Year 5 & 6 classes travelled to the Isle of Wight to go to PGL Little Canada recently. Despite getting sodden on the Friday, a good time was had by all. The children did lots of exciting activities as the photos show.

Miss Luksch Farewell

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The Year 1 class had a special tea to bid farewell to Miss Luksch. The children really enjoyed the goodies they had to eat and a fun, but sad time was had by all who attended. Thank you to the parents who were able to attend. We wish Miss Luksch everything of the best in her new venture in Germany.

Rounders Tournament

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The Year 5 & 6 children were meant to play rounders and cricket against Danesfield, but this was cancelled. Rather than let the opportunity to play go to waste a rounders tournamnet amongst themselves was organised. A fun afternoon was had by all, with England being unbeaten.

ISA Chess Tournament

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The ISA Chess Tournament Team did well in their first outing to the tournament. A creditable third place.

Year 2 - Chertsey Museum Visit

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Tuesday 14 May saw Chertsey Museum visit the Year 2 class to talk to them about The Stone Age, Bronze and Iron Age. The class had a most enjoyable and productive session. Thank you Chertsey Museum.

Year 3 & 4 New Barn trip

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The Year 3 & 4 children had a fantastic trip to New Barn last week. They had an awe inspiring trip to the Fleet Air Arm Museum where they had a lot to do. Thank you to all the staff that made this possible.

Reeds Launch Car Challenge Final

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On Thursday 2 May two young ladies from Year 5 represented Westward at the Reeds Launch Car Final. They did extremely well and came away with the title, the third time in four appearances for Westward. Well done Sara and Araya, you are a credit to Westward.

Year 4 Bikeability

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On the second and third days of term the year 4's were hard at it, doing their Level 1 Bikeability training. By all accounts, they did really well and learned a lot about Road Safety and safety on their bicycles. A big thank you to the trainers for a job well done.

Easter Service

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On the final Wednesday of the term the Year 6 class led the school in the Easter Service. All the classes added to the success of the service - well done everyone!

Year 1 Science Homework

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The Year 1 class were given the the task of designing a flower from a paper plate for their Science homework. The results are here for you to see.

Dan the Skipping Man

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On Wednesday 27 March the children were treated to Dan the Skipping Man. A lot of fun was had, as the photographs testify.

Year 6 Fun Day

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The Year 6 class travelled to Guildford Spectrum for their fun day. By all accounts it was indeed a fun day!

Year 6 Volcanos

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The Year 6 class was tasked with making volcanoes and getting the lava to flow. The telling day arrived, with much anticipation. The smell of vinegar permeated the air and we all waited with bated breath to see if the experiments would work. They did indeed work, making all the children's efforts worthwhile.

Sport v Ashton House

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On Friday 22 March we had a netball and football teams tarvel to Grasshoppers Club to play sport against Ashton House. The teams met with mixed fortunes, but a lot of fun and learning was done in the process. Thank you to the staff who travelled and Brutons Coaches for getting us ther and back safely.

Year 4 Chertsey Museum - Tudor Day

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The Year 4 class recently visited the Chertsey Museum to learn about the Tudors. The visited the monastary sacked during the reign of Henry VIII and had fun dressing up. All in all, a very productive day.

Football v Cleves

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On a windy Friday afternoon for year groups descended on Cleves School to do batlle on the football pitch. After a few minor mishaps, the boys had an enjoyable afternoon. Well done to all the boys that played.

Westward Netball Tournament

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The annual Westward Netball Tournament was held on Wednesday 13 March, despite the wind. A great tournament was had, with the 'A' team winning it. Well done girls!

Year 6 French Cafe

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The Year 6 class were visitors to a French Cafe, run by Mr Williams. The had a lot of fun eating and speaking French.

Year 1 & 2 Plays

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Congratulations Year 1 and Year 2 on your simply splendid performances. Year 1 entertained us with their alphabet poetry and songs, with a delightful piano recital from Oliver and we then journeyed back in time to the land of the Pharaohs with Year 2. Thank you parents for being such a lovely audience.

World Book Day Assembly

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The school all dressed up for World Book Day as book characters. It was really super to see the effort that was made by the children. The day was celebrated in a special assembly.

Inter House Quiz

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The four houses pitted their quiz skills against one another on Friday 8 March. The quiz was closely contested and the evntual winners were St Patricks. Well done to all the children that took part.

Reeds Launch Car Challenge

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The Year 5 class recently took part in the annual Reeds Launch Car Challenge. Here the class is hard at work.

Year 3 Trip to Chertsey Museum

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The Year 3 class travelled to Chertsey Museum on Wednesday 6 March. The class dressedup, made pots and learned about the Victorians and Romans. Not only did they learn about History, they had fun doing so. A big thank you to Cherstey Museum for a lovely day out.

Year 6 Exam Celebration Assembly

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The Year 6 class celebrated the end of the exam process in style at a special celebratory assembly.

Year 2 Seasides Workshop

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Year 2 enjoyed a completely splendid Seasides Workshop with the Chertsey Museum on Wednesday, promenading with parasols around the classroom and making their own Punch puppets.

Reeds Launch Car Challenge

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On the Thursday before half term the Year 5 class went to Reeds School to take part in their annual Launch Car Challenge. The children had to see how far their cars, which they had designed and made, travelled. The team of Sara and Araya were the eventual winners and will represent Westward at the Inerschool Challenge.

Year 1 Play!

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Following their trip to the Haslemere Museum, Chertsey Museum lent the Year 1 class some Victorian toys. Everyone in the class had a lot of fun testing the toys out.

Year 4 Play - James and the Giant Peach

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The Year 4 class had a lot of fun telling the story of James and the Giant Peach on Wednesday 13 February. The children had learnt their words and portrayed their characters really well. Congratulations to you all for the lovely entertainment.

Year 3 Recital

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The Year 3 class enthralled all who went to watch their recital recently. They really enjoyed reciting their poems and got everyone in the mood. Well done to you all.

Year 3 Science project

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The Year 3 class had a Science project to do in class. The class enjoyed exploring and experimenting and learned a lot.

Children's Trust Concert

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The Westward choir travelled to Leatherhead to take part in the Children's Trust Concert on Sunday10 February. They sang extremely well and thoroughly enjoyed the concert as a whole. Well done to all the choir members and Mis Luksch for preparing them so well.

Year 1 Masks

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The Year 1 class were given a homework task to design and make masks. Their efforts were excellent as you will see.

ISA Fencing

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Congratulations to Laurence who took part in theISA Fencing Tournament and gained a very well deserved Silver Medal. Well done Laurence!

Year 5 Printing

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The Year 5 class joined the Year 6 on their trip to Gunnersbury Park Museum on Tuesday 5 February. While the Year 6's were learning about the strict regime in a Victorian classroom, the year 5's were learning about printing. The class had a really enjoyable and positive session with the staff from the museum and printed their own designs on the bag they were given.

The Victorian Classroom

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The Years 6 class travelled to Gunnersbury Park Museum to experience what it was like to be in a Victorian classroom. The class reacted very well to the very stict discipline that was in force at the time. The children all learned a lot from this experience.


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The school was visited by PERFORM on Monday 4 February to talk about e-safety. There were a series of workshops done with the Year 1- 6 children. The children learned a lot about the internet and their safety.

Year 1 & 2 trip to Haslemere Museum

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On Wednesday 30 January the years 1 & 2 travelled to Haslemere to the museum to spend the day looking at toys. They had a really enjoyable day out.

Year 6 trip to Wagamamas

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The Year 6 class had a very interesting and enjoyable trip to Wagamamas recently. They had fun tasting and preparing food and were given a lovely meal to end their trip.

EYC Photos

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