Westward School

Homelessness Assembly

About two weeks ago we had a talk about homelessness from Elmbridge Rentstart.

Sometimes in life, things can take a turn for the worst., for example we were told about Tim.

Tim had a home, job, friends and family, in a short period of time Tim lost his job, his marriage broke up, money ran out and he found himself 'sofa surfing' and then on the streets.

Luckily he was taken in by the Elmbridge Rentstart Charity, who gave him temporary housing, for long enough to get another job and get himself back on his feet.

You can help people like Tim by donating to Elmbridge Rentstart.

By Ben


When Sam came to visit, he asked what three famous people had in common and it was that they were all homeless at some point in their life and I guessed it. I got  to do he next challenge, which was very easy when you looked at it.

When I was going to eat the chocolate bar, Sam told me to add something, which made it difficult to cut. Sam told us a story about Tim, who had a normal life like us, until he had nothing and now he works for Elmbridge Rentstart.

The link to this charityis :www.elmbridgerentstart.org.uk

By Ruaridh

These are two pieces of writing initiated by the Homelessness Assembly. It served its purpose and made the children think about the less fortunate in our society.