Westward School

Arrival, Dismissal and Collection of Children Policy



*  Entry into school in the morning is via the double middle gate where a member of the office staff will be on duty from 8.30am.

*  If you arrive before 8.30am you may choose to use the Breakfast Club facilities located in the school hall for £5.00 a session. Breakfast Club starts from 7.30am and is supervised by trained staff members.

*  No children must be left unaccompanied on the school premises.

*  All other exits/entrances will be securely locked.


Early Years

*  Children in Nursery and Reception may go into the Early Years rooms from 8.30am where a member of staff will greet them.

*  Reception children can choose to go into the main playground if they wish, where there is also a member of staff on duty from 8.30am.

*  In the Summer Term all Reception children are expected to go into the playground in preparation for Year 1.

*  Children can engage in activities in the classroom until the bell is rung, ready for registration and the start of the school day.


Year 1-6

*  Children go into the playground where there is a member of staff on duty from 8.30am until the bell is rung at 8.45am.

 When it is wet the member of staff on duty will take all pupils into the School Hall.

*  Children will be collected from the playground at 8.45am by their class teacher and escorted to their classroom for registration.


Telephone messages left on the answer phone are listened to and emails read at regular intervals during the day.


If your child is ill, please email or telephone the school before 8.45am on the first day of absence. Parents must give the school a reason for absence at the earliest opportunity.


If parents have not made contact on the first day to explain an absence the school will attempt to make contact via the following methods:

* Firstly by telephone using the parental contact numbers supplied

* Then by email


If no contact is made then all emergency phone numbers for the child will be called.


If there is still no contact made then our safeguarding procedures will be followed and contact will be made with Surrey Children's Services.


Collection of Children

*  Arrangements for collection of children should be noted with telephone numbers in your child’s home message book/homework diary or homework folder.

*  All home message books in the Early Years and Lower School are checked daily for any changes in persons collecting.

*  Any changes are noted down in the class day book.

*  By the time children reach the Upper School they have the responsibility of showing their class teacher any messages in their homework diaries.

Pupils in Year 5 and 6 do not have a homework diary so please email the office/relevant teacher or send in a letter to let the school know about any collection changes.

*  If your child needs to be collected during school hours because of sickness or a medical appointment then you must ring on the front door bell and wait for security reasons in the porch area for your child to be fetched by a member of staff and then handed over to you.

* Parents must sign their child out when collected during school hours.

* Parents must sign their child out when collected during school hours.



Early Years

* The children will be dismissed via the side gate one by one by a member of the Early Years team.

*  Nursery 12 midday, 3.15pm and Reception 3.15pm.


Year 1- Year 4

*  Year 1 - The children will be dismissed via the side gate by their class teacher and handed over to a known adult at 3.20pm

* Year 2 - The children will be dismissed via the side gate by their class teacher and handed over to a known adult at 3.20pm  

* Year 3 & 4 - The children will be dismissed via the side gate by their class teacher and handed over to a known adult at 3.30pm


Year 5 & 6

*  The children will be dismissed from the front door one by one by their class teacher at 3.30pm.

*  Year 6 children are allowed to walk home to encourage independence and road safety but only with parents written permission. This then needs to be signed off by Mrs Stevenson.


Should you wish to speak to a teacher then please wait until all the other children have been dismissed.


The last teacher to go back through the side and middle gate after dismissing will lock it. All other arrivals and dismissals will be via the front door.


Please do phone the school and leave a message if you know you are going to be late to collect.


We can only dismiss to known parents or adults you have informed us about.

In the event of a person arriving at school to collect a child that has not been planned (it is unforeseen or in an emergency situation), the following steps must be taken. Firstly, the person must be asked to wait outside or be accompanied by a member of staff to the school office. The person will be asked to confirm which child/children they are requesting to collect, give their full name and show some form of identification. A member of office staff will phone the parent/carer to confirm the arrangements before handing over the child/ren.



Entry to the out of school care facilities is via the two left hand side gates both of which have a coded entry pad system.

Clubs that take place before 8.30am will also enter via these side gates.

Please note that these gates are bolted and not in use between 8.15am and 3.45pm.

During these hours entry and exit must only be through the school front door.

If your child attends an after school club then they will be dismissed by the teacher running the club following the school’s dismissal procedures.


Procedure when a child is not collected

* Member of staff to inform the school office staff who will also inform the Headteacher.

* Check Home Message Book for any messages concerning collection.

* Check phone and email messages.

* Contact parents to inform them that their child has not been collected and to make arrangements for this.

* Whilst doing this the child will wait with a member of the office staff, making sure they are occupied, safe and allay any fears if they are upset or panicked.

* If parent is unable to be contacted, further calls to be made to KNOWN grandparents, carers or other emergency numbers stated in the Home Message Book.

In this case a message will be left on the parents phone (or posted through door) to inform them where their child is,

*  If none of above are contactable a member of the office staff will look after child/ren until eventual collection.

*    Surrey Children's Services will be informed.


Last Updated:

September 2019