Westward School

If You Have a Concern


All parents will have queries and concerns about their child’s experiences/learning at school from time to time.

However small an issue we are always here to help.

The Westward Home Message Book/Homework Diary (Nursery to Year 4)  is your link to us in school so please do use it to ask the teacher any questions or tell us about your concerns.

All Home Message Books/Homework Diaries (Nursery to Year 4) are read and replied to on a daily basis.

In the Upper School (Yr 3-6) the teacher is also contactable via email.

Alternatively if you feel you would like to come in to speak privately to the teacher then do ask for a meeting which will be arranged at the nearest possible convenient time for both parent and teacher.

Lunches at Westward School are provided by Thomas Franks. If you have concerns about meal times and food then please do arrange to talk to the Chef Manager.

The Chef Manager can be emailed at catering@westwardschool.co.uk

We always try to deal with concerns and queries as quickly and as smoothly as we can and the office staff are available to speak by phone during the day in the school office or at the double gates every morning.

If you are a working parent who can’t easily get to school then we will keep in contact via email or phone and find a convenient time to meet. Most teachers are in school from very early in the morning.

Mrs S Stevenson


September  2017