Westward School


A high standard of personal appearance is expected from the pupils at all times and the dress code is part of the image of the school. Staff are very proud of the children and pleased with the support shown by parents and we know that people speak highly of the school.

When parents are offered a place at Westward the children, both parents and the school sign a Home School Agreement on a termly basis.  One of the rights of parents is that their child is part of a school with high standards of dress and behaviour. The Headteacher and staff insist that this is followed by every pupil.

All uniform and property must be named.  Children are discouraged from bringing personal valuables to school. Westward does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to personal property of pupils.


Long hair to be tied back at all times.

Pupils should not wear extreme hair fashions, which are designed to attract attention, including dyed or streaked hair, and styles such as shaved, spikes, mohicans and images of lines cut into the hair.

The use of hair gels, waxes, oils, mousses and any other styling products is not allowed.  This also helps with health and safety in P.E. as some of the styling products could come off onto the P.E. mats, causing them to have a slippery surface which is obviously dangerous for any child.


Jewellery is not allowed at any time (with the exception of one pair of small earring studs) for health and safety reasons.  To be removed or covered during sport for safety. 

A named watch may be worn (Year 1 upwards).

(Watches with the ability to connect to the internet are not permitted in school).

Any variation because of religious/cultural reasons to be addressed to the Headteacher who will advise. 

Tattoos and body piercing are not allowed.

Make up and coloured nail varnish are not allowed.

This policy cannot deal with every possible new fashion and variation of dress and hairstyle. The Headteacher reserves the right to take exception to hair styles and dress which deliberately breach the general school dress code.

This obviously is a policy for school. Out of school how your child dresses is your decision. Thank you to all parents who ensure their child complies with the policy. The staff want a good learning environment for all of our children so that they may take full advantage of the opportunity to progress at school without being distracted and I am sure that all parents want this for their children too. 



Last Updated: September 2020